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A few days ago, we showed you two alternatives to hanging posters using hangers and binder clips. If you liked that trendy and minimalist approach, then you’re going to love our how-to this month- how to make your very own DIY poster hanger! We have a wood frame that will give a vintage touch to your interior. DIYers – to your tools!
– Half round dowel
– Wood saw or cutter
– Sandpaper
– Ruler
– Paint
– Paintbrush
– Wood glue
– Thin rope or leather lace
– Binder clips or clothes pins
– Pen
– Your best poster or large print (that you can print directly from here)

DIY poster hanger tutorial - materials needed

Step 1: Begin cutting the wood dowel into four pieces that will serve as a frame. To do this, cut a length of wood that is greater than or equal to the width of your poster. Use your pen on the wood to mark the size, then using a saw or cutter (that is, if you haven’t chosen to use a tree trunk) cut your first border. Use this piece as a guide for cutting the other three pieces.


Step 2: Using sandpaper, sand the ends your dowel. This will keep you from getting splinters! (It’s super painful!). Once this is done, make vertical notches in one of your pieces (flat side) with your cutter 1.5 inches from the border on both ends.

DIY poster hanger how-to step 2

Step 3: Take a breath! The hard part is over! (Seriously.) After all that work, now you can relax and do a bit of painting! Grab your paint and paintbrush. Paint your dowels well. Obviously, you can do whatever you like, using any color or leaving the wood unpainted for a natural.

Step 4: Now, simply tie the rope or leather lace around the dowel that will hold your poster or large print. Cut the rope or lace the length you’d like, then tuck the ends of the rope/lace in the notches (from step 2). Next, spread glue on the wood, including over the rope.
Then, place the poster or large print on the glue. Put a bit of glue at the top of your poster on the back and position your second wood slat on top of the glue. Finally, press the two dowels firmly together and set them with clothes pins or binder clips while the glue dries.

DIY poster hanger tutorial step 4

Step 5: Repeat the previous step for the bottom of the poster, this time not making notches or tying the rope. Unless you’d like to hang your poster from both ends!… We won’t judge you, promise.

DIY poster hanger tutorial - end result

Your frame is now ready to hang! If everything went well, hurry up and hang it! And don’t forget to show us what you’ve done using #OhPrints!

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